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11 important Digital Nomad skills

11 important Digital Nomad skills

Do you want to to live the digital nomad life, travel the world while earning a living?
For many this lifestyle sounds like the ultimate freedom. The truth is that this lifestyle is certainly not for everyone.
You need to have or develop certain skills and you have to have certain character traits to enjoy this way of living.
Check the following list of digital nomad skills and see if you have what it takes.

1. Self-discipline

I know the remote life sounds like the perfect easy life. But if you want to travel AND work along the way, you definitely need a good portion of discipline.
To me, this is one of the most important and necessary digital nomad skills.
You have to work, even when you are at the most exotic locations. You have responsibilities towards your customers.
So even when you don’t feel like it, or when the weather is great, you have to make sure the work is done.

2. Productivity

You have to be extremely productive. As soon as you arrive in a new location, you need to have everything set-up and ready to go as soon as possible.
You need a place to live and work, you need internet. You don’t want to waste too much time on this.
The sooner everything is up and running, the sooner you can plan how to spend your days.

3. Flexibility

When living as digital nomad, you will be at various places and locations.
You have to adapt quickly to changes and unplanned situations.
You might have to move to another place to live, because your current housing facility does not meet your requirements.

4. Decision Making

Because you are faced which a lot of changes and different situations, you have to make quick decisions.
You do not have a standard daily routine, so you have to make a lot of decisions.
You do not always have the possibility to research the pro’s and con’s of the possible options, so you have to rely on your intuition.

5. Curiosity

You will experience a lot of new things when living as digital nomad.
Instead of sitting in your work place or room, explore the new environment.
Search for new experiences and opportunities to do things you did not do before.
The nomadic life is fun and gives you so many opportunities to see and experience new things.
Get to know the culture of the country your in. This is one of great things when living a nomadic life.

6. Marketing

If you want to work as a solo entrepreneur or freelancer, you have to find new customers, assignments and clients.
This means you will have to be great in sales. You need to sell your skills and knowledge.

7. Communication

Communication is always important, no matter what type of lifestyle you have.
But when you are a digital nomad, it is absolutely essential.
You have to constantly find new places to live, new jobs and make new friends.
To be in countries, that don’t speak your language, doesn’t make it easier.

On top of that, you want to stay in touch with your family and friends back home, so you have to rely on online communication methods and deal with different time zones. Hello, challenges!

8. Loneliness

You should be able to be alone occasionally. Although you will meet new people and will make friends wherever you go, sometimes it will be more difficult to meet new people.
It is a great advantage if you are able to be alone and to be completely fine with that.

9. Budgeting

You need to manage your money well. Make sure you spend it wisely. You have to be prepared for unexpected expenses.
For example if you want to move to another place faster than expected.
Managing your money is a skill which benefits everyone, but as digital nomad, your lifestyle is unpredictable and far from stable. That’s why you have to master this skill.

10. Attachment

A disadvantage of the nomadic lifestyle is that you will have to let go of people and stuff. You need to say goodbye to family and friends in your home land.
But also during your traveling, you need to say goodbye to new friends, your room or apartment.
And yes, it might happen that you meet someone, you really bond with and that you have to let go of that person.
This is for most digital nomad the price we have to pay for living this lifestyle.

11. Positivity

You have to be a manic optimist if you want to success as digital nomad. You will be confronted with setbacks, and failures.
You might feel lonely occasionally or your income might be below your expectations.
These situations will be temporary, so keep a positive attitude and learn from the disappointments and setbacks.
Traveling and working wherever you want is an amazing experience, so enjoy it and get the most out of it.

Do you have the skills?
How many of the mentioned skills do you have? Do you think you can live the nomadic lifestyle? Awesome!!

If you don’t have all skills, this does not mean you can not live the digital nomad lifestyle.
As long as you know what you can expect from it, you can work on improving the skills which are lacking or missing.
This can very well done along the way.

Please let me know in the comment box below of you miss some skills.